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Trimming My Natural Hair for the First Time

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Never ever would I have trimmed my own hair when I had a relaxer. Since going natural, I finally found the courage to trim my hair.

I owe this courage to a You Tuber. The method she used just made since to me and I felt I could do it with confidence. We all have a horror story about a time when a hair dresser cut, not trimmed our hair. This is why I started taking care of my hair myself.

The method I decided to use after watching the video is twisting each section. I parted my hair down the middle, then each half into two sections. So I had four sections and I thought this may be more manageable since this was my first time. Then I worked within each section so the twists would not be too large. I wanted to make sure I didn't leave any hair out by mistake.

I ended up buying these Barber Shears to trim my hair correctly without tearing or breaking it. These scissors are sharp, and I didn't have any problems or awkwardness when using them.

I liked the results right away. I didn't have any knots which made detangling much easier. I had less shedding, and after styling, my hair looked better. I will continue to use this method, but when I need a style, I will go to my hairdresser. I'm trying to avoid the "Big Chop" again.

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