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Modified "Anthony Dickey Wash and Go"

About a month ago, I ran across a video on YouTube by Anthony Dickey who is a Cosmetologist. He was talking about how most black people wearing their natural hair and using the wash and go method were doing it wrong.

He is the owner of the "Hair Rules" haircare line and salon. His salon focuses on curly, kinky, and frizzy hair types and textures.

Since I was looking for a shorter time to do my wash and go, being curious enough to learn something new, I watched to see what he was talking about. So I decided to give it a try. What I learned was my shower didn’t stay hot long enough to completely follow my wash routine. However, I did like the part about shaking my hair out in the shower because Anthony said it would stretch out my hair more.

The results I had were better than taking the time to section off my hair then adding products. My first try was okay, but I was going to give it time for my hair to adapt to this new method.

Boy, am I glad I kept trying. So I decided to do a modified version of his method, still only washing my hair once a week. I just could not see myself going through this every day. I continued washing and conditioning my hair in the kitchen sink, but when I applied my leave-in, I made sure my hair was sopping wet, and when I applied the gel, I also made sure my hair was sopping wet. Then, I stepped fully clothed into the shower with a towel around my shoulders to shake my head as the client did in the video.

When I came out of the shower and looked at my hair in the mirror, I was surprised to see more curls than I have had with any other method, and I cut off a half hour doing it this way. Even my areas that are harder to curl were curled, and I had less shrinkage.

The shaking of my head seemed to be the one step that mattered for my hair. I have been using this method now for more than a month and I love the way my hair looks now. It now parts where it wants when I shake it, and I like it better than the part I got when I parted my hair myself.

I want to give Anthony Dickey the credit for creating the method, I just made it work for my hair. Thank you Anthony. I have attached the video below for your viewing pleasure. This video is 3 years old, but the method still works.

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