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Product Clashes

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

November 25, 2018, I colored my hair using Dark & Lovely Reviving Colors (Radiant Black #391) with Camille’s Honey Hydrate leave-in conditioner.

Previously, I washed my hair, used a moisturizing deep conditioner, and used Camille’s Honey Hydrate leave-in conditioner after the instructions said to use the supplied conditioner and style as usual. The color didn’t have a chance to set. I say this because I think that the honey was so hydrating my hair never really dried. I might have used too much. The color not only ran but during the week it would come off on my hands. The color barely lasted a week.

I tried this again without using Camille’s Honey Hydrate leave-in conditioner. I followed the instructions this time and had much better results. The color didn’t run, and during the week it didn’t come off on my hands. This time the color lasted about 3 weeks. I will be careful not to use Honey hydrate when I color my hair. Still, I will be looking for a brand that lasts longer or go to my hairdresser. We'll see.

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