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My Top 5 Hair Care Products

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

I am glad to be able to pull together my top 5 products that work well together on my hair. There is not one brand that I have been able to use all the products in their product line. I only use one or two from each brand.

I still use these products today in my regimen for my low porosity, fine textured hair. When I use these products together, making sure they penetrate my low porosity hair, I don't experience flaking.

1) Camille Rose Curl Maker

I couldn’t believe the curls I had. I have fine, low porosity hair. My hair has more definition than any other product I have tried. I have fine hair and usually it is frizzy and I can never tell if my hair is shiny. This time I had less frizz, and I could actually see that my hair was moisturized and shiny.

2) Curldaze Glossy Shine Gel

Curldaze gave my hair a medium hold with a nice shine. It did make my hair somewhat dry. I think it might have been fine, but I used a refresher spray mid-week that had water as the first ingredient. I forgot I cannot use a water-based refresher spray because it always makes my hair fuzzy and destroys my curls.

3) Curldaze Ultra Moisture Cream

The Curldaze Ultra Moisture Cream is the first cream that my hair likes. Normally, my hair reacts badly (dries out) because they usually have protein in them. My hair only needs a protein conditioner once a month. I didn’t see a protein in the ingredients, so I decided to try it. My hair was so moisturized and shiny after using this cream. I have to take the time to make sure it is smoothed into my hair and not sitting on top, since my hair is low porosity.

4) TGIN Moisture Rich Sulfate Free Shampoo

I loved the way my hair felt after using this shampoo. I could tell my hair was clean, but it didn’t feel stripped of moisture. The price wasn’t too expensive since I didn’t have to use a lot for it to lather.

5) TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask

My hair loves honey and it helps keep my hair moisturized because honey is a humectant. When I first applied it, I thought, “I don’t like the way this feels.” It was creamy but seemed to have just a little texture. As I worked it into my hair my mind started to change. I could feel it detangling my hair and my large tooth comb almost glided through my hair. I ended up having less shedding. I’m liking this mask.


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