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How to Create Strong Passwords for Your Accounts

"A strong password can help keep your account secure, and minimizes the risk of your account being compromised."

The most important thing you should do is create secure passwords for all your online and mobile accounts. Ideally, each account should have a different password to limit the shenanigans of hackers. As hard as this might be to do, if you use the same password for your bank account and your work email, the hacker now has access to your money and the accounts of all your coworkers and more. The positive in having different passwords is if your work email should get hacked, you will only have to change one password instead of 10 or 20.

I have different passwords for all my accounts and I never save them online, in a cloud, or in a password manager program. Nope, I don't trust software programs either. However, I do like and use a password generator. To store my passwords, I use a spreadsheet that is backed up to an external hard drive, and I name it something unrelated to passwords that I can remember.

However, not everyone wants to take the time to give each account a different password and then update a spreadsheet. Here is a company Password Manager that can show you how to create strong passwords and the best ways to manage your passwords.

They start by defining what is a strong password, and what features help to make a password strong. For example, "Passwords shouldn’t be easy to guess." Don't make it easy for bad guys to steal your information.

There are three suggestions Password Manager talks about that are related to making strong passwords that I haven't thought about. They are using passphrases, phrases, and quotes. This is a great idea and to remember your phrases you could use a memory technique called mnemonics. Make sure the words are catchy and have meaning to you. Below are some examples.

Finally, Password Manager provides a password generator on the website for your convenience, and they offer 3 of their top-rated password managers for you to research and compare.

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