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Chemical Hair Straighteners

"Drugwatch provides information on high-risk medical products and health issues, and helps people take legal action if they've been injured."

Drugwatch works with medical and legal experts as well as patients and advocates to provide accurate, trustworthy, and current information about prescription drug side effects, medical device complications, and related lawsuits.

For this review, my focus will be on a topic of concern about how consumer health data shows that cancer is linked to chemical hair straighteners. The data shows an increased risk of hormone-related cancers such as uterine and breast cancers. "As a result, individuals have filed multiple lawsuits against chemical hair straightener manufacturers, claiming they did not warn them about the cancer risks."

The website goes on to discuss how chemical straighteners work by using various chemicals to alter the hair's protein structure. "Chemical hair straightening comes with the potential for unsafe toxicity." The side effects not only affect the people who receive the treatments, but also the salon workers.

Some of the side effects of chemical hair straighteners Include:

· Allergic reactions

· Alopecia

· Atrophied skin

· Burned scalp and skin

· Damage to the hair shaft

· Discolored hair

· Eczema

· Frizzy hair

· Inflamed scalp

· Irritated and painful scalp

· Loss of hair

"In a 2022 study, researchers followed nearly 34,000 women aged 35-74 from 2003-2009. Women, particularly Black women, had the highest risk because they’re more likely to use hair straighteners and, on average, use them more frequently."

"Researchers conducted extensive follow-ups to detect other links, and found more. The use of permanents and straighteners during adolescence may be associated with a higher risk of premenopausal breast cancer. Adolescents, particularly girls aged 10-13, are at risk because of the potential exposure of breast tissue to the chemicals. However, the study didn’t find that other hair care products, such as dyes and solutions for perms and body waves, had the same cancerous effects."

If you would like more information to find out if you are eligible to file a lawsuit, or how to file a lawsuit, go to: Chemical Hair Straightener Lawsuits. Please be sure to do your own research and followup, and seek medical advice if necessary.





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