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Ancient Hair Secrets Straight Perfection Review

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

March 13, 2019, I bought the Ancient Hair Secrets Straight Perfection online. This product is the perfect alternative to chemical hair relaxers.

It helps prevent hair loss and breakage. Since this product is all natural, everyone can wear their hair curly or straight depending on the style they desire. I’m told, hair will revert back to its natural curl pattern when hair is washed. I can’t wait to try this. It might be the answer to my high shrinkage.

March 23, 2019, I tried Ancient Hair Secrets Straight Perfection for the first time. I just used it as a leave-in this time, but when I have more time I want to see if it straightens my hair. I did learn today that for it to straighten my hair, I will have to use heat like a curling iron or blow dryer. I want to use the least amount of heat possible on my hair.

I washed my hair and here are the products I used with Ancient Hair Secrets Straight Perfection.

My hair isn’t as defined this time. I’m not sure but the Camille Rose Honey Hydrate might be the reason because it is so moisturizing that my hair never really felt dry. I will try this again next weekend without the Honey Hydrate.

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