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New Hairstylist Consultation

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

April 12, 2018, I met with the new hairstylist for a consultation for my hair health and questions about transitioning to natural hair.

This is a step you should never leave out because you want to be sure he/she has the experience needed for your hair type and the services you will need. You will be interviewing the hairstylist. She was open and answered every question I asked.She measured my hair to see the length of my hair before any service was performed. She also suggested some things I could do in the meantime to start my hair back on a healthy path. I went online and researched ways to help hair growth and rosemary oil kept coming up, so I tried that mixed with castor oil and olive oil.

Hair Length Before Services: top comes to brow bone, sides come 1/2" below ear lobe, back comes to the middle of my neck.


  • Mix in conditioner with pre-poo

  • Find short transition styles

  • Make 1st appointment for treatment

  • Buy Kaleidoscope Rosemary Oil

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