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Making Hairstyle Choices is Sometimes Difficult

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

August 1, 2018, I added 2 clip-in pieces in the top of my hair and I cut it to make it look more natural. I will wear these until the top of my hair grows in more. I like this better for now.

The clip-ins have worked but I’ll be glad when I’m wearing my own hair again. My curl pattern has grown in nicely in the back and top. I still have a patch in the top front that hasn’t started curling yet, but I have only been in transition 5 months. My goal is to not be wearing the clip-ins when I go back to work after the holidays. We’ll see.

I colored my hair with Dark & Lovely Reviving Color – Radiant Black #391. This color works well with the clip-ins because they are color 1B.

I’m trying a new leave-in conditioner by Camille Rose Naturals called Honey Hydrate. I like the softness and hydration it gives my hair. I will mix it with Curls Goddess CURLS Botancial Gelle to see if my hair doesn’t revert when I sweat in my head.

I’m very happy to be taking care of my hair myself. A co-worker said that she can see that my hair is growing. It is thriving. She is in transition as well. I also added Vitamin E to my sealing oil mixture of Argan Oil, and Aloe Vera Gel.

Hair Length Update: top comes to middle of my forehead, and back comes to the middle of my neck.

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