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Learning , Learning, and More Learning

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Spent most of March 2018 learning about natural hair care, transition styles, and watched tons of YouTube videos about natural hair.

I even bought the book If You Love It It Will Growby Dr. Phoenyx Austin. Most of the information was common sense to a healthy life that will also give you healthy hair, but I did learn some things I didn’t already know. It was a good place to start for people, like myself, new to wearing their natural hair. I felt like I had to play catch up for the years I didn't truly learn about my natural hair. Some people would say, "It's never too late."

Coming from an era where I was conditioned to believe that the thing to do to your hair was relax it, when I was a young girl, made me feel some kind of way now. I refuse to look back now, I'm just moving forward. I can't get that time back.

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