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Does the Hair Journey Ever End?

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

I have low porosity, fine textured hair. Making my hair look full is a problem because if I use heavy gels or try to stretch my hair, you can see my scalp. This is soooo! frustrating.

My current regimen does help a lot with this problem, and I have decided not to stretch my hair anymore. With this hair type, you just have to be ok knowing your hair will probably never look like someone who has thicker strands, no matter what you do. Just like You Tuber (Eboni Elon), I also prefer the shrinkage over stretched because our texture just looks better. I will put one of her videos in my Helpful Videos Section.

One thing I have learned that she also mentioned is, when your hair shrinks it means it is healthy, and my hair shrinks a lot. My hair usually looks fuller by the third day. I would rather have healthy hair over long hair any day, and my hair continues to grow.

You definitely need patience to grow natural hair. It is always a good feeling when someone else is going through the same issues.

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