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Coloring My Hair with TLC

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

I am really embracing the fact that I can take care of my hair except when I need my hair styled. Recently, I colored my hair, and for the first time, trimmed my hair.

I never would have thought that a box hair dye would have been good for my hair. I have been using Dark and Lovely Fade Resist - Natural Black #372 for about a year now. In the past, I could only get my hair colored by going to the beauty salon. If I didn't the dye would dry out my hair. Now I can color my hair myself, but I will only use Dark and Lovely because I don't believe in fixing what isn't broken. It has some ingredients that are good for natural hair, but you should always check that out for yourself. I am not a Cosmetologist.

I have had no damage to my curl pattern, nor have I had any hair fallout. Please read the directions carefully. This is important, you cannot wash your hair before using this hair dye. If you do, the color won't last and it will come off on your clothes, pillow, etc. The color is usually darker at first, then it lightens up. Some people don't like this, but it doesn't matter to me because I like the darker color anyway. It lasts for about 8 weeks, and has no ammonia, but it does have peroxide. The no drip formula makes it easy to apply. It must be catching on because it's getting harder to find it locally. I hope they don't change the formula.

I usually color my hair 2-3 days before the next wash day. Remember, Do Not wash your hair first. Here is the regimen I use when I color my hair. This regimen takes time if you do all the steps, but healthy hair is important. Also, I don't have any color coming off on my clothes or pillows.

Hair Coloring Regimen

1) Apply Dark and Lovely Fade Resist Hair Color

2) Apply Dark and Lovely Nourishing Care Conditioner

3) Apply TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask (sit under hair dryer for 30 minutes, then rinse in cold water)

Mist (clear, not creamy)

5) Apply Aloe Vera, and Argan oil (after #3 and #4, put on a plastic cap for 15-20 minutes)

6) Apply Curldaze Glossy Shine Gel

7) Apply Camille Rose Curl Maker (works best on wet hair)

8) Finger rake hair in sections

9) Let hair air dry

Note: Apply Macadamia Healing Oil Spray (gives my hair moisture, 1-2 times during the week)

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