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Basic Black Hair Care

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Black hair is definitely beautiful, especially with our amazingly distinct hair intricately designed into a unique style.

Our genetically curlier hair allows us to easily and naturally wear those stylishly meticulous hair styles we love. However, the curls also require a unique and special hair care regimen, which can also be very challenging for some of us.

An important step in black hair care is maintaining moisture. Our curls make it hard for the natural oils in the scalp to produce more moisture. The lack of enough moisture, on the other hand, makes the hair more prone to heat and environmental elements resulting in dryness and breakage. Hair care products that add moisture are essential to applying regularly to the hair, such as moisturizing deep conditioners, and moisturizing leave-in conditioners. Avoid washing the hair more than once a week to keep the natural oils from being washed out.

Black hair care, moreover, requires the usage of specially made hair care products that strengthen and moisturize the hair brought on by the lack of natural moisture on the scalp.

When we relax our hair, most often than not it weakens the hair and damages it over time. It is further aggravated with the use of a flat iron and blow dryer, which are used to maintain that straight hair look.

Black hair care, therefore, involves a more critical and choosier attitude when applying hair products. When getting a relaxer, for instance, salon hairstylists should use high-quality products. The same goes when choosing a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. A regular hot oil treatment occasionally in the salon is also a good idea to add moisture to the hair.

Being gentle and taking care of your hair is also part of a good hair care regimen. Avoid subjecting it to friction, which could cause breakage and damage. Sleeping with a silk or satin wrap or bonnet protects the hair from being twisted and tangled. Also try using a satin pillowcase on your pillow to avoid constant rubbing of your hair which can take the moisture out of your hair.

Ultimately, proper hair care needs patience, discipline, and a consistent hair care regimen to achieve healthy looking hair.

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